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Energy Secretary Chu: Win a Nobel, save world

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the Department of Energy plans to establish research centers modeled on Bell Laboratories to spark the development of disruptive energy inventions. Chu delivered the Compton lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Tuesday, where he told academics and local green-tech business people … […]

Can’t wait until 2012 for an EV from Ford? Convert one now.

This 2007 Ford Mustang has been converted to an electric vehicle by start-up Plug-in Motors. (Credit: Plug-in Motors) A fully electric passenger vehicle from Ford is still a couple years away, but in the mean time, Plug-In Motors –a Missouri-based start up– has been developing the process and technology to … Originally posted at The Car Tech blog […]

Transparent plastic solar cells fitted into windows

Solar company Konarka has developed a transparent solar cell that it hopes will be built onto electricity-generating windows. The Lowell, Mass.-based company on Tuesday said it has reached an agreement with Arch Aluminum & Glass to use Konarka’s plastic solar cells in building materials, including windows. A transparent … […]

Study: Bioelectricity bests biofuels on miles per acre

Growing plants to make electricity is a more efficient and environmentally sound way to power vehicles than biofuels, according to a study meant to spark a debate over energy policy. The study‘s authors modeled how far different classes of cars could go based on the available energy from a … […]

DOE to slash fuel cell vehicle research

The Department of Energy’s proposed budget boosts research on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources but makes cuts in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles because the technology is many years from being practical. The DOE published details of its .4 billion fiscal 2010 budget request on Thursday, and Energy … […]

EnerDel may supply batteries to Fisker Auto

EnerDel has signed an agreement to supply lithium-ion batteries for electric carmaker Fisker Automotive’s planned Fisker Karma. Indianapolis-based EnerDel announced the letter of intent on Friday, a few hours before state senator Evan Bayh is scheduled to dedicate a new production line for auto batteries. The supply deal is … […]

Do Google’s carbon offsets add up to much?

Google, a company that runs power-hungry data centers, employs thousands of people, and operates a corporate jet, said on Wednesday that it was carbon neutral for the past two years. How so? Offsets. The idea of a carbon offset is to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions of a company … […]

There’s an electric car in your future

This Nissan test mule demonstrates an electric powertrain. (Credit: Nissan) 2011: The year of the electric car […] […]