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Tesla Hits a New Milestone, Passing G.M. in Valuation

After passing Ford Motor a week ago, the electric car company edged past General Motors in early trading, with a market capitalization of $50.9 billion. […]

Tesla Passes Ford in Market Value as Investors Bet on the Future

With signs that the long boom in American auto sales is tapering off, the Detroit giants are eclipsed on Wall Street by the electric-vehicle upstart. […]

Tesla Reports Jump in Vehicle Production but Aims for Much More

The electric-car maker said it produced 25,418 vehicles in the first quarter, compared with 15,510 a year ago. The company wants to produce 500,000 cars in 2018. […]

Tencent of China Takes 5 Percent Stake in Tesla

The purchase came as the carmaker has sought to raise more cash before starting production of its Model 3, an electric vehicle targeting the mass market. […]

Tech Roundup: Why Regulation Benefits (Yes, Benefits) Electric Cars

An argument can be made that governments can prod companies to innovate. The growing popularity of electric cars provides a case in point. […]

Trump Says Regulations Impede. Perhaps Not in the Electric Car Business.

Sometimes the only way to push technology advances is through rules. Loosening the ones on fuel economy could leave the car industry out of step with the future. […]

Behind the Quiet State-by-State Fight Over Electric Vehicles

While the battle in Washington gets much of the attention, the most direct attack against electric vehicles is being waged in statehouses. […]

Automakers Near a Victory on Rollback of Fuel Standards

The Trump administration’s expected move on emissions and mileage targets would remove a costly mandate, though some efficiency efforts would proceed. […]