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Recharge Wrap-up: Atlanta Falcons electrify with ChargePoint, LiquidPiston unveils X Mini engine

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liquidpiston x mini rotary engine

ChargePoint is partnering with the Atlanta Falcons to provide more EV charging stations at the team’s facilities. The chargers are used by players, employees and fans and ChargePoint has donated additional stations for installation throughout the city of Atlanta. The city, county and state are all seeing growth in the number of EVs on their roads, with Fulton County doubling its EVs from 3,063 to 6,027 in the first half of 2014. Georgia currently boasts more than 14,200 plug-in vehicles. ChargePoint and the Falcons will host an official activation event at the Georgia Dome before the game against Pittsburg on December 14. Read more in the press release below.

The Hybrid Shop has announced a multimillion investment from a Northern Virginia investment firm. Funds managed by the multibillion dollar firm now own 38 percent of The Hybrid Shop, a network of dealers providing maintenance services for hybrids and EVs. “The fact that a multibillion dollar investment firm would want to invest in an early stage company serves as affirmation of our brand, business model, and future potential,” says The Hybrid Shop CEO Dave Crawford, “as well as recognition of our success to-date in our ongoing efforts to achieve a position of innovation and fast-growth in the rapidly-evolving hybrid and electric space.” Read more in the press release below.

LiquidPiston has unveiled a prototype of the power dense X Mini gasoline engine. The 70cc rotary engine is quite small and simple; with just two moving parts, it fits in a box as small as 6.6 inches by 6.2 inches by 5.4 inches. In testing, the X Mini produces 3.5 horsepower at 10,000 rpm, but LiquidPiston expects the final product to weigh just three pounds and produce more than five horsepower at up to 15,000 rpm. The X Mini could be used to power lawn equipment, UAVs, mopeds, EV range extenders and the like, as well as new applications not yet discovered. LiquidPiston also says its low NVH will help with comfort and product life. Read more in the press release below.

A new study says using EVs for energy storage could help during grid disturbances. Researchers showed that EVs can be signaled to respond appropriately to disturbances by discharging a certain amount into the grid rapidly when power is low, and storing energy quickly when there is a spike in surplus. This reduces grid fluctuations and allows the grid to resume stable operation more quickly after a destabilizing event. Too many EVs connected to the grid in this way, though, can cause an overreaction to events, which lessens the benefits of the vehicle-to-grid system. Read more at

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