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Honda working on ‘power exporter’ to go with fuel-cell vehicle

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The bad news, as we’ve previously reported, is that Honda‘s first production hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle won’t debut until 2016, a bit later than expected. The good news is that the automaker may produce a device that will let that FCV’s motor power up other devices as well. So it’s a tradeoff of sorts.

The company is producing what it calls the Power Exporter Concept. Put simply, it’s a device that can connects to the fuel-cell vehicle and produce AC power (the picture makes it look fairly small, but dimensions weren’t disclosed). The device has a maximum output of 9 kilowatts. Honda isn’t saying much else about the device, which was announced along with further details of the company’s upcoming fuel-cell concept vehicle. Still, it’s heady yet not terribly surprising stuff from a company that’s long been a big player on the portable power generator industry.

Honda recently said its first production fuel-cell vehicle would see the light of day in early 2016 instead of 2015. The futuristic-looking vehicle will have a power output of about 130 horsepower and will be able to have its hydrogen tank filled up in less than five minutes. Take a look at Honda’s press release below.

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