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Toyota Financial Services Leads the Industry, Accelerating a Simpler Auto Financing Experience

TORRANCE, Calif., (Nov. 10, 2014) — Toyota Financial Services (TFS) recently celebrated its one-millionth eContract, an accomplishment that demonstrates the success of this pioneering auto financing process. In January 2013, TFS introduced an industry-leading electronic contract (eContracting) system for its dealerships. Through this process, dealers are able to transmit contract package information electronically — […] […]

El Grupo de Estrategia de Negocios para Hispanos y Distribuidores de Toyota Celebran el Nuevo Camry 2015 Durante el 44 Show Internacional de Autos en Miami

Con motivo de presentar el nuevo Camry modelo 2015 que se exhibió en el Miami Auto Show, más de 90 invitados VIP -incluyendo a muchos miembros de los medios periodísticos del sur de la Florida- se dieron cita en el famoso New World Center en Miami Beach el pasado viernes 7 […] […]

Toyota’s Hispanic Business Strategy Group and Partners Highlight #CamryBold During the 44th Annual International Miami Auto Show

More than 90 VIP guests, including many members of South Florida media, convened under a beautiful Miami night sky on Friday, November 7th, 2014 at the renowned New World Center in Miami Beach for a Camry "Bold"-themed Miami Auto Show event hosted by Toyota's Hispanic Business Strategy Group and its partners, including […] […]

Honda making hydrogen from solar power in UK

Filed under: Emerging Technologies, Hydrogen, Honda, UK Honda is going to launch a hydrogen-powered production vehicle (its second, really) next year, but the all-important H2 infrastructure question hasn’t been fully answered yet. One possible solution is being tested over in the United Kingdom, where Honda is turning solar energy and water into hydrogen at its Swindon […] […]