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Recharge Wrap-up: Tesla is for Mistresses; Yo, free Smart ED rides!

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Smart used the Yo app to give free test rides to San Franciscans last week. Yo is a free app wherein users tap a username to send a notification that simply says “Yo” to the recipient. Signs at locations in the Mission and SoMa neighborhoods gave instructions to send a Yo to SmartUSA for a free ride anywhere in the city. Three of the eight Smart vehicles used for the promotion were the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive. The event allowed people to see how well suited the cars are to the city, particularly when it comes to San Francisco’s parking problems. It also saved users the fare of an Uber or Lyft hire. Read more at TechCrunch.

Zipcar has added the 2014 Honda Fit EV to its UC Davis fleet near Sacramento, California. The cars will go to the school’s West Village, a planned zero net energy community, which plans to generate as much energy as it uses within a year. “Innovations like solar power to help generate the electricity needed to charge the EV,” says Dan Sperling, founding director of the school’s Institute of Transportation Studies, “and fully zero emission car sharing moves us aggressively toward a sustainable future.” The addition of the Fit EVs will also give cash-strapped students access to affordable emissions-free driving. Read more in the press release, below.

California is one step closer to adding 15,000 new green HOV stickers after a bill was approved by the state Senate. Now the bill must go up before the California State Assembly for approval before it can be signed by Governor Jerry Brown. The bill will raise the total number of the green HOV stickers for plug-in hybrids to 70,000. Raising the cap on the green decals, which allow owners use of the carpool lanes, could encourage more California drivers to buy a PHEV. Read more at Inside EVs.

The Tesla Model S made a star appearance on the ABC television show Mistresses. In the episode “Choices,” the character Joss receives the car as a gift from her fiancé, but is not all too happy about it, seeing it as putting her in a position of dependency. “I could never in a million years afford that Tesla,” Joss complains to her friend. “How am I ever supposed to get mad at him when he can hold a Tesla over my head?” The luxury EV makes an on-screen appearance in the episode complete with an interior shot of the car’s touchscreen display. See a clip from the episode below or read more at Green Car Reports.

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