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New Twists in Turning Hot Air Into Horsepower

The turbocharger, the engine component that uses the exhaust’s hot air to increase horsepower, is performing new tricks. It is now also producing electrical power for hybrid systems. […]

Silence Is Golden, and Priced Accordingly

The 2014 Cadillac ELR is unique, beautiful, efficient, serenely comfortable and electronically avant-garde, but at $76,000, it’s also bracingly expensive. […]

Owners Who Are Happy When the Engine Doesn’t Start

Many people who own the Chevrolet Volt try to outwit the car’s computer so they seldom burn a drop of gas. […]

The Future Will See You Now

The i8 is BMW’s sci-fi, ultralight showpiece, a plug-in hybrid that has a range of about 20 miles in E.V. mode. But good luck squeezing into the front seat. […]

Wheelies: The Philanthropic Pony Car Edition

Ford will raffle a one-of-a-kind Mustang GT convertible, to benefit multiple sclerosis research; Subaru anticipates 20 percent sales growth by 2020. […]