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Ford hit by lawsuit over hybrid technology from, surprise, Paice

Filed under: Hybrid, Ford, Legislation and Policy The name Paice will be familiar to anyone who’s been deep in the weeds of hybrid history, but it will probably be new to anyone who simply drives one. The key part of the story is something called “HyperDrive,” which is the name given to a gas-electric powertrain technology […] […]

Tesla Plans $5 Billion Battery Factory for Mass-Market Electric Car

Tesla, which markets a $70,000-plus electric sedan, took aim at the broader market in announcing a way to make the batteries that power the cars cheaper. […]

Honda, GM fuel-cell partnership wants to reduce hydrogen refueling costs

Filed under: Hydrogen, GM, Honda To paraphrase the old political adage, it’s the cost, stupid. Dollar signs are what’s prompting Honda and General Motors to partner up to accelerate development of a hydrogen fuel cell system. With about half the cost of a fuel-cell system tied up in its fuel-cell stack, GM and Honda are looking […] […]

Toyota 4Runner Is Fun, Fun, Fun Because Daddy Took the Unibody Away

TORRANCE, Calif., Feb. 25, 2014 – Wind whips through your hair and sparkling ocean waters whiz by as you cruise up the coast — that’s how movies portray the fun driving experience. This year The Fast Lane Car ( rolls over that notion.  The 2014 Toyota 4Runner, with its rugged good looks and […] […]

Why the $142M Fisker sale won’t help DOE loan get its $168M back

Filed under: EV/Plug-in, Hybrid, AutoblogGreen Exclusive, Legislation and Policy, USA, Fisker At the beginning of 2014, it looked like Hybrid Tech Holdings LLC was going to buy the remains of Fisker Automotive for $25 million. Just before that sale was to take place, however, Wanxiang stepped in and an auction was therefore scheduled for the middle […] […]

Toyota increasing Yaris Hybrid production to 222,000 this year in France

Filed under: Hybrid, Manufacturing/Plants, Toyota, Europe/EU More fuel economy means more factory workers and more production for Toyota‘s most popular model in Europe. That simple equation explains why the Japanese automaker is boosting annual production of its gas- and hybrid-powered Yaris compact vehicles at its French factory. The new number will be about 222,000, a 15 […] […]

Echo Automotive will put EchoDrive PHEV powertrain into GM vans

Filed under: EV/Plug-in, GM Echo Automotive is adding General Motors vans to its offerings of converted plug-in hybrid vehicles and will bring its EchoDrive PHEV system to GM 2500 and 3500 vans. That will include model year 2010-2014 Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana, but don’t go trying to get these vehicles converted quite yet. Echo Automotive says […] […]

Wheelies: The Big Brother Is Not Watching Edition

The Homeland Security Department killed a plan to access commercial databases to help federal law enforcement officials track license plates. […]