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Wheelies: The Bargain Mitsubishi E.V. Edition

Mitsubishi cuts the price of its i-MiEV electric car by $6,135; N.A.D.A. says lower interest rates are making car loans longer and more numerous. […]

Hydrogen fuel cells plus supercapacitors make most-efficient powertrain

Filed under: Emerging Technologies, EV/Plug-in, Hybrid, Hydrogen A presentation made by Belgian researchers at Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS) 27 in Barcelona might irk fans of battery-driven EVs. A new study found that the numbers prove fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle (FCHEV) powertrains partnered with supercapacitors have better fuel economy than powertrains that blend a fuel cell […] […]

November 2013: Doldrums Edition, Pt. 2

Filed under: Diesel, EV/Plug-in, Hybrid, USA, By The Numbers Proponents of advanced-powertrain vehicles may want us to start including the Tesla Model S in their monthly US calculations. Even though Tesla doesn’t give out monthly sales totals, without counting sales of the luxury electric sedan, the green-car story just isn’t getting much better. Plug-in vehicle sales fared […] […]

2015 Honda Insight facing cancellation

Filed under: Hybrid, Honda Prepare the funereal wreaths, dig out the black duds, practice those somber facial expressions; it may just be that the Honda Insight is not long for this world. The car that took the hybrid fight to the Toyota Prius – and lost – could be on its way out, if we are […] […]

Toyota Hybrid World Tour

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