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Either drilling “or” batteries is the problem. It’s “and”.

Batteries and natural gas can complement each other. America can change the world with a holistic energy policy I have few doubts that electrification is the future of personal mobility. Sure, there is the possibility that some form of biofuel, such as that from artificial photosynthesis on steroids, could reduce the need for electrification. Ultimately, however, electrification […] […]

Audi Begins A3 e-tron EV Project in America

By Jeff Cobb This week Audi launched its A3 e-tron pilot program which is one of several ongoing product and market research projects for this electric vehicle, and other advanced-tech projects. The A3 e-tron pilot program will take place in the San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Denver, and was launched Monday at TED2012 in Long […] […]

The Toyota Hybrid Monopoly Ride Experience Coming to the 2012 Chicago Auto Show

CHICAGO, Ill., February 2, 2012 – Toyota and Hasbro are teaming up to bring the Toyota Hybrid MONOPOLY Ride Experience to the Chicago Auto Show, February 8-19. The program will allow auto show attendees to experience the capabilities and advantages of the third-generation Prius, all-new Prius v, Camry Hybrid and Highlander Hybrid […] […]

Toyota Hybrids and Other Models Take Five Spots Out of 10 on CR ‘Top Pick’ List

By Jeff Cobb The latest “top pick” list by Consumer Reports has five out of 10 Toyotas on it, including the Camry Hybrid and Prius. The last time domination by a single brand of this magnitude happened was by Honda in 2003, according to USA Today, which observed also that no Hondas were found on this […] […]

First Mitsubishi i Demos Arrive on East Coast

By Jeff Cobb This week the first shipment of 2012 Mitsubishi i electric demonstrator vehicles were received for East Coast dealerships at the Port of Baltimore and said to represent its the debut for “most of the eastern seaboard.” According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Mitsu’s little EV returns 112 miles per gallon equivalent (energy usage), […] […]

EPA Says Prius Plug-In Gets 11 Miles Electric Range

By Jeff Cobb Depending on how one drives it, Toyota’s Prius Plug-In can go a few miles farther than its U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rating, but officially it can be expected to travel 11 miles in electric-only mode. This falls short of the “up to 15 miles” at speeds up to 62 mph estimated after consulting with […] […]

Could Higher Gas Prices Actually Stimulate Economic Growth?

By Huw Evans For the last several months, nearly every time you’ve paid a visit to the pumps, you’ve probably noticed that the price of gasoline has been creeping upward. Indeed, with prices set to reach the $4 per gallon average mark this spring (considered by some as a tipping point), it would appear that, as […] […]

Fisker Automotive Names Tom LaSorda New CEO

By Jeff Cobb In a brief press announcement today, Fisker Automotive co-founder Henrik Fisker turned over his role as Fisker Automotive’s CEO to Fisker Vice Chairman, and former Chrysler CEO, Tom LaSorda. Fisker said he will assume the role of executive chairman as he turns his attention to creating global brand awareness for the maker of […] […]