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Forget plug-ins and the Prius. It’s a mirco-hybrid world by 2017

VW taking microhybrid leadership to full hybrids soon 39 million micro-hybrids in the next five years New analysis by Lux Research suggests hybrid vehicles have a much bigger interim future than most might expect, especially here in America. Unfortunately, that future is driven by micro-hybrids, but at least that’s still a bit of an improvement. Thus, by 2017 […] […]

Forget Camry sales: Could the Prius be Toyota’s next Corolla?

The world's best selling car Forget just US sales, let’s think worldwide Before the end of this decade, Toyota believes the Prius family will outsell the Camry. Whatever. Why not shoot for the moon? Within this decade, could a car like the Prius C help the family outsell the Corolla, and I mean in terms of total worldwide […] […]

Nissan’s Green Green Car Carrier Nichioh Maru

By Bertel Schmitt 2012 Model, JDM Spec, 18,000 horsepower. So, do you think you a lot about cars? What do you know about the monster car carriers that bring an imported car? As far as I am concerned, I knew nothing when I arrived this morning at Nissan’s dock in Oppama, where Japan’s second largest car company […] […]

Coda Sedan Awaits Final EPA, NHTSA Certification

Despite multiple delays, Coda Automotive chief executive Phil Murtaugh told the media last week he remains confident that sales of his company’s debut vehicle, the electric Coda Sedan, will commence before the end of February. During an interview with The Detroit News, Murtaugh claimed that the $37,250 Coda Sedan is ready to sell as soon […] […]

Model X teased: What I wish it revealed about Tesla, plug-ins

The X plug-in SUV makes sense, but I'd like something more daring Could a higher plug-in standard be set? If you believe in the trickle down theory of technology, the Tesla Model X — teased today by Tesla — makes a lot of sense. A luxury electric SUV compliments Tesla’s Model S, creating greater scale, while enabling […] […]

Ford Fusion Hybrid

By Larry E. Hall Ford hit a grand slam two years ago with the introduction of an all-new Ford Fusion Hybrid. It was awarded the North American Car of the Year prize at the 2010 Detroit auto show, named […] […]

CARB’s BEVx to automakers: You don’t understand plug-in cars

The wrong kind of range extended plug-in through 2025? Leaf, Plug-in Prius, and Volt all bad by design? Not surprisingly the California Air Resources Board unanimously passed its Advanced Clean Cars (ACC) program for the technological requirements to meet emission requirements from 2015 — 2025. Under the plan, for instance, 1 out of 7 cars, or 15 […] […]


Ford Motor Company [NYSE: F] today reported 2011 full year pre-tax operating profit of $8.8 billion, an increase of $463 million from a year ago, as strong performance in North America and Ford Credit offset challenges in other parts of the world. This marks the company’s third year in a row of improving annual operating […] […]