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Can lithium make a stand, without tax credits?

The revolution is waiting, but is lithium ready? Can lithium push hybrids beyond 3 percent? Lithium, lithium, lithium. Is it all just hype? When Toyota decided not to use lithium in the 3rd gen Hybrid Synergy Drive and the 3rd generation Toyota Prius, it was hard not to be disappointed. It’s obvious that NiMH isn’t the future of […] […]

Of course consumers want smaller, more expensive vehicles

The perfect size for American consumers? And a gas tax too! I got a good laugh this morning reading Take Polls With A Grain Of Salt by Jeremy Anwyl CEO of regarding his recent testimony before Congress on new CAFE requirements. Essentially, Awyl observed that Congress is obsessed by polls, taking them almost as fact, despite […] […]

Opel Says it Will Lead EV Race, Working on More Vehicles

By Jeff Cobb Opel RAK-e. A flight of fancy? Opel says it is evaluating whether to build this little battery electric vehicle. This week Renault-Nissan outlined its agenda to be number one in the world electrified auto market, but it won’t own Europe if General Motor’s Opel division has anything to say about it. For that matter, GM […] […]

California Tests Hybrid Heavy-Duty Earth Movers

Caterpillar’s Hybrid Earth Mover. Consumer hybrids like the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight do a great deal to limit the emissions footprints of the people who drive them. But when you take gas-electric technologies and put them into heavy duty vehicles like earth movers, the resulting emissions savings can equal that of 14 Priuses over the […] […]

Is the US already stuck in the energy trap?

The energy trap energy pricing conundrum Can foreign oil independence help us reframe the energy conversation in a productive way? Back in 2007-2008, before the oncoming economic crash was apparent, Americans were mad as hell. $4.00 gasoline was driving the average American crazy. But, what if $6.00+ gasoline was the only path, beginning immediately, towards a sustainable future […] […]

Toyota Extends Overtime Production Suspension at Some North American Plants

Flooding in Thailand continues to necessitate adjustments in Toyota’s production hours. To conserve the affected parts, all North American vehicle assembly plants will suspend overtime the week of Oct. 31 – Nov. 5. Visit @Toyota ACCESS to receive your news via e-mail. Update your RSS feed preferences. […]

America’s Favorite Classic Mustang – the ’65 Convertible – Returns with All-New Ford-Approved Body Shell

It’s a classic car lover’s dream come true: Now it is possible to build a ’64½, ’65 or ’66 Mustang convertible from the wheels up using the all-new Ford-approved and officially licensed body shell. […]

Wall St versus Main St: Occupied with poor consumerism

Main Street has much more power than it thinks, it just doesn't know how to use it. If the 99 percent were richer, would they buy more fuel efficient vehicles? There is no doubt that the wealth gap between the rich and the poor continues to increase, but solely blaming Wall Street and the 1 percenters of […] […]