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Statement: UAW-Ford Opening 2011 Contract Negotiations

“Today, we officially opened our 27th round of bargaining with the United Auto Workers. We also are reflecting upon our proud 70 year history of working together – a history of working with mutual trust and respect to effectively address difficult business challenges. We are committed to negotiating this year with the same transparency and […] […]

Ford Brings ‘Octane Academy’ to Life at X Games 17

Ford is revving its engine to start its new high-performance driving program, Octane Academy, at X Games 17 – the largest assortment of action sports competitions worldwide. […]

Deals on a Toyota Prius? Yes

More Prius incentives on the horizon? Toyota hybrid supplies continue to grow July should be a big month for Toyota sales according to the latest sale’s data from AutoObserver. While Toyota’s earthquake woes aren’t fully behind them, Toyota has nevertheless recovered remarkably fast. But how has this recovery affected Toyota’s hybrid sales, particularly the Toyota Prius. Believe it […] […]

Everything a hybrid or plug-in by 2025?

Is the future battery-powered powertrains, or just compact cars? Why does 54.4 mpg mean something more like 37 mpg? At the most recent LA Auto Show, Hyundia North American CEO John Krafcik essentially mocked the hype around plug-in vehicles at the show while debuting the Hyundai Elantra — the kind of car Krafcik claimed was the future […] […]

Super-sized hybrid pickup trucks are nice, but…

Better as a hybrid? Wake me when the Ford F150 hybrid is launched Ford sells about 50,000 F-Series Super Duty pickup trucks every year, many used for legitimate commercial purposes. Therefore, the fact that Ford is partnering with Azure to develop a hybrid powertrain, including a plug-in version, as an option for buyers is, well, at least […] […]

Toyota Employees In Japan Donate to Alabama and Mississippi Tornado Disaster Relief Efforts

July 28, 2011 — Erlanger, KY — In the aftermath following the tornados that struck parts of the southern United States earlier this spring, Toyota’s Japan employees asked how they could reciprocate the gesture of giving to those in need. Visit @Toyota ACCESS to receive your news via e-mail. Update your RSS feed […] […]

Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum Launches $75 Million Capital Campaign to Finance Museum Expansion

The Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum has launched a $75 million capital campaign that will finance the museum’s 200,000-square-foot expansion. […]

Ford, TechShop Reveal Home of Detroit-Area Workshop; Urge Everyday Inventors to Create, Build and Sell

Ford and TechShop have announced that Allen Park, Mich., is the home of TechShop Detroit, the communal fabrication studio where everyday inventors, from backyard tinkerers to tech-savvy engineers, can come and create their very-own homegrown innovations. […]