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First the Prius, now the Volt: Getting robbed at the dealership?

Shop around. No tax credit, no Volt purchase! Some dealerships taking plug-in tax credits for themselves? Updated 15:46 — Sometimes it’s hard to buy into supply and demand economics. It’s even worse when supply and demand fundamentals favor car dealerships that have rigged the financing game to squeeze every bit of extra money out of typically unsuspecting […] […]

Toyota Prius C: Most important battery vehicle so far?

Most affordable Prius and new car value Challenging the economics of hybrids and the psychology of electrification Small cars are hot, or at least a lot hotter compared to historical norms. With high rent and gas prices coupled with low housing prices and wages, the cheaper costs of small cars are beginning to make financial sense. However, while […] […]

Gas Prices Are Guessing Game, As Summer Driving Season Begins

Gas prices continue to defy logic, as the markets for crude oil and retail gasoline are off to an unpredictable start for the 2011 driving season. There’s no doubt that Memorial Day weekend drivers spent more this year than last year—about $23 per visit at the pump according to government estimates. But it […] […]

Location, Location, Location: Ford Identifies Optimal Location for Electric Vehicle Charge Ports

When owners of the Ford Focus Electric or C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid charge up their cars, they’ll find a natural, instinctive fit. That’s not by chance – it’s by design, and it’s because Ford engineers did their homework in ensuring customers had the perfect place to “fuel” up. […]

Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe Defies Its Critics

The most maligned hybrid on the market today is the Honda CR-Z. It comes down to false expectations. Take one look at the sporty design of the coupe, and you might expect it to be a rip-roaring fast automobile. The people who complain most about the CR-Z—as if it’s some […] […]

Plug-in success all about saving time, not subsidies, at least in Europe

Cheap gas makes US electrification plans very expensive Are tax subsidies for plug-ins too expensive? “Electric vehicles bring many benefits to society and little to their owners. It is therefore the duty of public authorities to break this chicken-and-egg situation. Governments must provide incentives to car manufacturers and consumers until mass-production makes EVs competitive,” claims Brussels-based Going […] […]

ZAP Global Blog: Webcast and Transcript – ZAP Jonway 1Q2011 Financial Results Conference Call

ZAP Board Chair, Dr. Priscilla M. Lu Date: 1:30 PM PDT, May 25, 2011 Audio Webcast — Click Here Presenters Priscilla Lu, Ph.D, Chairman Steve Schneider, Co-CEO USA Alex Wang, Co-CEO China read more […]

A real fracking problem: Natural gas hybrid vehicles

Natural gas could power conventional cars, hybrids and even plug-in vehicles. Why isn't more being done? Working towards a perfect energy solution For years now Toyota has had a production ready natural gas hybrid car awaiting a US embrace of natural gas. Quantum Technologies can convert Ford Escape hybrids into natural gas hybrids. Numerous companies can convert […] […]