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Toyota Motor Sales Announces Price Increase for 2011 Toyota, Scion and Lexus Models

TORRANCE, Calif., March 31, 2011 – – Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, Inc., announced manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) increases today for most 2011 Toyota, Scion and Lexus models. Visit @Toyota ACCESS to receive your news via e-mail. Update your RSS feed preferences. […]

Ford Hybrids Rated Highest for Customer Payback, Value

With gas prices on the rise, the interest around fuel efficiency and hybrid vehicle options is top of mind for potential car buyers. But are all hybrids created equal? Recent industry studies show that certain hybrid models provide car buyers with much more bang for their buck, and the Ford Fusion Hybrid and Ford Escape […] […]

Ford Begins Building One of the World’s First Digital Child Crash Dummies

Ford is beginning research into one of the world’s first digital human child body models that could someday serve as a digital dummy for computer crash testing with a goal of enhancing research of future safety technologies. […]

Study Says Aggressive CAFE Increases Would Pay Big Dividends for Detroit

On the same day President Barack Obama announced his administration’s goal of reducing America’s foreign oil dependency by one-third over the next decade, an article in the Detroit News revealed that the auto industry is gearing up for a major fight over the next wave of federal fuel economy standards—which are expected to be announced […] […]

Today’s gas prices starting to look normal

A good hybrid for $4.00+ gas? Oil prices almost $107 today Oil prices are skyrocketing today, pushing towards $107 per barrel, and yesterday, gas prices topped $4.15 per gallon regular in my neighborhood. While I’d bet there will be a pull back in oil prices tomorrow, as traders take some profits, $100+ oil and today’s gasoline prices are […] […]

Chevrolet Mi-Ray: GM’s plug-in hybrid technology still evolving

The third GM plug-in hybrid powertrain? Is the Volt just the beginning of GM’s plug-in hybrids? Had GM not gone into bankruptcy, there is a good chance that GM would now be selling two different plug-in vehicles today. In addition to the Chevy Volt, GM had also developed an almost production-ready Saturn Vue dual mode plug-in hybrid. […] […]

Kia Optima hybrid delayed until late Spring

Optima hybrid due later this Spring A tough start for Hyundai’s hybrids Because of changing regulations regarding the noise that hybrid and electric vehicles need to make for better safety, Hyundai recently delayed the full launch of the Sonata hybrid. While partial deliveries have been restarted, far greater supplies should be available in late April. Unfortunately, this Sonata […] […]

Study – Higher CAFE standards will drive bigger Big 3 profits

The key to future Big 3 profits? Fuel economy the key driver for US automaker profits? CAFE requirements haven’t been the best way to drive US fuel economy averages higher. Thus, while aggressive new CAFE requirements might not push US fuel economy to the highest levels possible, they could still drive increased profits. New research by Citi Investment […] […]