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Chevy Volt: So, is it a moonshot or not?

Save $300 per year compared to the Prius for only an extra $20,000! The devil wears a green halo When it comes to the Chevy Volt, I am not on the same page as Rush Limbaugh. Despite the fact that GM’s bankruptcy might still ending up costing tax payers more than the $25 billion or less loss […] […]

Honda Insight Adds Cheaper Base Model, Starting at $18,200

Honda announced today that it is going to offer a new, 2011 “value-oriented base model” of the Honda Insight hybrid starting at $18,200, plus destination charge of $750. That’s $1,600 less than the current lowest-priced 2010 Insight, the LX. The new value base Insight model, which goes on sale today, is rated with the same mileage […] […]

ID10T – The foreign oil dependence workaround

Still heavily fossil fueled in 2030. The perfect world for dummies Rule number 1. The wise person is the person whom realizes they know nothing (While I try to live by this rule, I’m still pretty dumb). Rule number 2. If the best solution isn’t yet technologically cost-effective, or some breakthrough is needed, it’s not the best solution. […] […]

ZAP Global Blog: In Electric Car Memoriam: Actor Leslie Nielsen (1926–2010)

  Actor and electric car advocate Leslie Nielsen. Hollywood marked the passing of actor Leslie Nielsen at age 84, but it was his contributions to the electric car world and ZAP that we remember most. read more […]

California Rules Change Could Mean Big Boost For Ethanol

The California Air Resources Board says it will re-evaluate methods for calculating the carbon concentration of corn ethanol. Ethanol producers have been pushing for the decision for some time—even going so far as to sue CARB over what the lobby claims is an overestimation of the land-use impact of producing the corn that serves as […] […]

Wikileaks shocker – Foreign oil dependence weakening America

Kissing ass for oil Who is using who? Pretty interesting information coming out of the latest WikiLeak’s episode. For instance, some kind of attack on Iran seems inevitable as not just Israel is advocating for such action, but also Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, even Egypt and a host of other Middle East countries are also on-board the […] […]

Pulling the plug: Tough days for this hybrid fan and owner

Elantra sales will Cruze past the Prius and shock the Volt and Leaf according to Hyundai Time to get real Just a few weeks ago I prepared for the LA Auto Show with great excitement. Even though I knew what most of the reveals were going to be, I still had hope there would be some kind […] […]

In Japan, One in Five Honda Sales Will Be Hybrids by 2011

Honda plans for hybrids to account for about 23 percent of its Japanese sales in fiscal year 2011, according to a report from Japan’s Nikkei over the weekend. The new target represents an increase to nearly 150,000 annual domestic hybrid sales—supported by the introduction of a new hybrid gas-electric wagon, based on the Honda […] […]