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Infiniti M35 Hybrid Debuts, More Infiniti Hybrids Follow

Infiniti will debut the company’s first hybrid model at this fall’s Los Angeles Auto Show. The 2012 Infiniti M Hybrid goes on sale this spring. The Infiniti M35 hybrid uses a front-engine rear-wheel-drive approach—with a one motor-two clutch system. The first clutch is installed between the engine and the electric motor. This clutch allows the […] […]

Self-drive plus auto-drive: The new hybrid

Adding a new hybrid system to hybrids A Toyota Prius with auto-drive Already a number of cars offer safety features that not only warn drivers of dangers, they actually take control of the vehicle to help prevent potential crashes. Today, we call cars with two power sources hybrid cars, but in the very near future most cars will […] […]

Is China GM’s real Volt target?

Will more be made in China than the US? All about guzzling coal? “China is the country that needs to move to electrification more than any other country and we know the government wants to move to electrification so we want to participate in that movement,” recently stated Kevin Wale, president and managing director of GM China. And […] […]

Nissan to show off Infiniti M hybrid in LA

8 cylinder performance with 4 cylinder fuel economy A pure Nissan hybrid While Nissan has been a bit of a hybrid bear, the automaker has still been hard at work developing its own proprietary hybrid drive. To date, Nissan’s Altima hybrid has been built with hybrid technology licensed from Toyota. However, at the LA Auto Show Nissan will […] […]

The Honda MPV hybrid minivan?

A sketchy hybrid idea Taking minivans hybrid Honda has been awarded a new patent on some sketches that InsideLine believes look very similar to the Skydeck MPV hybrid concept shown at last year’s Tokyo Auto Show, but there is no official word from Honda that plans for such a hybrid have moved beyond the conceptual stage. Lately Honda’s […] […]

Government Proposes ‘Report Cards’ for Fuel Economy Window Stickers

Will consumers stay away from cars that get a “D” on the environment? After many months of deliberation, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have released proposed ideas for new fuel economy labels that consumers see on windows of new vehicles. The designs recognize that advanced technology vehicles, […] […]

An environmental grade for cars soon?

Will consumers only by A's? Does the environment drive consumers? The Department of Energy and the EPA want to update the fuel economy stickers currently provided for car consumers. In addition to the current fuel economy estimates and yearly fueling costs, the government wants to provide an A+ through D environmental score beginning in 2012 according to […] […]

Toyota Will Introduce Hybrid Small Car in India

In developing car markets like China and India, the short-term strategy for carmakers seems to be “small, cheap and fuel-efficient.” Fully electric powertrains are expected to catch […] […]