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Much cheaper Honda hybrids coming soon?

Coming soon, the $15,000 Honda hybrid? Honda’s renewed mission to again own fuel economy For a very long time, Honda has offered the most fuel efficient fleet of vehicles in America. Recently, however, other automakers have moved much closer to matching Honda’s fuel efficiency. In fact, Hyundai even surpassed Honda recently. Fortunately, however, Honda is not going down […] […]

Toyota Prius best used hybrid car

Used? Think Toyota Prius Another best for the Prius When it comes to hybrid cars, the Toyota Prius often tops the list of most categories. Most fuel efficient. Most sales, etc. Well, the Prius has added another ‘best’ to its list of bests. According to Edmunds, the Toyota Prius is the best bet for a used hybrid car. Based […] […]

Exclusive: Chevy Volt Is More Hybrid Than Previously Thought

For the first 40 miles, the Chevy Volt is all electric. For the next 300 miles, it’s some blend of EV and hybrid. When GM first introduced the Chevy Volt concept in 2007, it invented a new term to describe how the car works: extended-range electric vehicle (ER-EV). It was a tactic to distance […] […]

High gas prices: Good or bad for GM, the Volt?

Success dependent upon gas prices? Chevy Volt sales and GM’s success Will Chevy Volt sales be dependent upon gas prices? That’s the question StraightLine asked yesterday. While I have an answer to that question, that’s not the question I would ask. Instead, I’d ask, are higher gas prices good or bad for GM, regardless of the Volt? Back in […] […]

Expert: Lithium requires “out-of-box” breakthroughs

The future, or forever a niche? Are batteries really the future of the auto industry? For the last couple of decades materials scientist Dr. Jean-Marie Tarascon of the Laboratoire réactivité et chimie des solides (LRCS) at Université de Picardie Jules Verne, and previously Bell Labs and Bellcore, has been working on energy storage solutions, most notably the […] […]

Energy independence: Only a methanol hybrid away

Natural gas today, methanogenesis tomorrow? Time to get serious about natural gas A new report out of MIT suggests that significant reductions in CO2 emissions and foreign oil consumption are achievable using natural gas to replace coal, while converting natural gas into methanol for transportation. While natural gas could have a huge impact on reducing CO2 emissions from […] […]


Ford Motor Company today introduced a new innovation – Curve Control – designed to help drivers maintain control of their vehicles when taking a curve too quickly. […]

Toyota Takes Swift Action on Lexus Hybrid Fuel Tank Concerns

Lexus HS250h Toyota is recalling 17,000 units of its 2010 Lexus HS250h hybrid, due to a fuel tank issue. The company will also halt production and sales until a remedy can be found. During a test conducted by an agency contractor, fuel spillage from the vehicle exceeded federal regulations. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety […] […]