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Seriously, GM is going green

Plug-in vehicles, such as the Chevy Volt, are just one example of GM's committment to green technologies.

Just a piece of GM’s green future

Efficiency is the future?

So, Ford now expects a new period of sustained profitability after having successfully fought off bankruptcy last year, and the US auto industry overall is showing strong signs of improvement. Even Government Motors might be prepared for an IPO later this year that could return most of the government’s bailout investment.

And, even if GM’s IPO doesn’t recover the government’s entire investment, GM appears to have been putting the government’s money to good use according to their recent patent filings.

In 2009, more than half of GM’s 1300 patent filings were based on green technologies — more than all other automakers combined.

“The move toward electrification is requiring us to reinvent the DNA of the automobile, requiring massive amounts of innovation. There’s almost no component on the vehicle that is not being reinvented. As a result, our green patent portfolio is helping us achieve world-class technological breakthroughs in the energy and environmental space,” notes Alan Taub, vice president of GM Global Research and Development.

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