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GM exec claims Volt propulsion system “too expensive”

Is a rotary engine the key? Still a work in progress “Right now, the propulsion system is too expensive, even with using an existing engine,” GM’s new vice president of global vehicle engineering, Karl Stracke, told Inside Line today regarding the Chevy Volt. Thus, GM is already investigating new engines for the second generation Volt, such as […] […]

$7.00 petro: Shouldn’t plug-ins be an easier UK sell?

Is battery swapping the key to EVs? What would Americans buy if gas were $7.00 per gallon? A few days ago, the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering released a report, “Electric cars: charged with potential” that found that by 2020, up to ten percent of the auto fleet in the UK will be hybrid and electric vehicles, […] […]

The Toyota Auris hybrid and Prius sales

A better hybrid design? More or different Toyota hybrid sales? The Auris is Toyota’s European Corolla, however, the Auris has not been nearly as popular as the Corolla. Toyota is hoping a few upgrades and refinements and, more importantly, a new hybrid drive could help change those sale’s dynamics. Likewise, the Auris hybrid might soon also hit American […] […]

Toyota, Daimler partner on fuel cells

Forever just around the corner? Partnerships the new Toyota way? Last week Toyota hooked up with Tesla on electric cars and this week Toyota is set to partner with Daimler on fuel cells. Not bad for a company that is often criticized for being too insular. Unfortunately, few details are yet available regarding this deal. Nonetheless, Toyota’s new […] […]

All 13,000 Nissan Leafs sold

Have to wait until 2011 On the path to 10 percent by 2020? The first 13,000 Nissan Leafs being built for the American market have been sold out. “I don’t think we’re going to have a problem marketing and selling these cars for the first two or three years,” stated Carlos Ghosn, adding that tax incentives had made […] […]

Coal and the future of Chinese transportation

China's pollution problem. The downside of cheap coal When it comes to the future of the auto industry and personal transportation, China is quickly becoming the world’s most important country. Consequently, every major automaker is aggressively seeking to establish and/or to grow their business in this ever-important country. Even more interesting, for many reasons China has also been […] […]

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Take notice: Ford wants as much as 25 percent of its vehicles to be powered by motors and batteries in the coming decade. The company expects 75 percent of those vehicles to be conventional hybrids—and the rest made up of pure electric cars or plug-in hybrids. The 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is a good […] […]