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What can Toyota learn from Tesla?

But is this mostly just PR? More about PR than EV technology? So, Toyota has taken a small stake in Tesla so that the two can work together to build electric cars at the NUMMI plant in California. Yet, what is the significance of this $50 million investment? Is this really about technology, or more about Toyota trying […] […]

Energy bill shows longevity of foreign oil dependency

Ready to guzzle for decades more? Even the American Power Act can’t change this soon If legislation is going to help America ween itself off foreign oil while significantly reducing CO2 emissions, then the American Power Act probably represents one of the most likely scenarios. Unfortunately, even if the bill makes it to the President’s desk, America will […] […]

What the Tesla-Toyota Partnership Means, and Doesn’t Mean

News that Tesla and Toyota will work together represents a giant step forward in the development of sustainable electric-drive automobiles. In recent years, the two car companies have occupied the opposite ends of the spectrum: the ultra-conservative corporate behemoth that has dominated green car sales for nearly a decade—and the ultra-adventurous start-up with big […] […]

Electric Car Bombshell: Tesla and Toyota Are Teaming Up

Tesla called a press conference for today 5 p.m. Pacific this afternoon, but the big news may have already leaked. According to the Los Angeles Business journal, Tesla Motors and Toyota will announce a partnership to jointly build an electric car in California. “I would not say that it’s an accurate statement,” Jana […] […]