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Is coal a legitimate plug-in problem? I wish

The downside of EVs? Coal — The reason Greenpeace opposes EVs In the past few years numerous studies have suggested, despite the dirty nature of coal-powered electricity, off-peak charging for electric vehicles is still, generally and overall, cleaner than burning petroleum, at least in the US where cleaner and greener coal technologies have significantly replaced antiquated and […] […]

Top Five Insights from Our First Drive of Chevy Volt

General Motors yesterday gave electric car enthusiasts and a handful of journalists an opportunity to spin the Chevy Volt around a parking lot next to San Francisco’s AT&T Park. had its first two or three minutes behind the wheel, spoke with the Volt team, and came away with these insights. 1The EV miles […] […]

For marketing only? Another BMW hybrid

The 5-Series goes hybrid Not about hybrid sales Here comes another luxury hybrid. BMW has announced that it will offer a 5-Series hybrid by 2011, with a 3-Series hybrid to follow. As a hybrid fan, of course that’s great news. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get too geeked about BMW’s new hybrid cars when the company openly states the new […] […]

Prius-like: Can there be only one Leaf?

Early adopters only? 10 percent electric by 2020? Unlike most upcoming EV producers, Nissan is quickly developing the manufacturing capabilities to sell as many as 500,000 EVs per year, about as many hybrid cars as Toyota produces today — more than 10 years after the launch of its first hybrid, the Prius. Consequently, by as early as […] […]