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Climate Bill Would Encourage Alternative Fuels, Expand Offshore Drilling

Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Joe Lieberman (I-CT), and John Kerry (D-MA) A mix of electric cars, natural gas and offshore drilling. Can it pass? If the American Power Act becomes law, it could mean a whole new round of subsidies and tax credits for green cars, and aggressive cuts to emissions. The bill would aim to […] […]

April 2010 Dashboard: Japan Sells Twice As Many Hybrids As US

> Subscribe to the Market Dashboard We’re back online with our Hybrid Market Dashboard—now expanded into the Hybrid and Clean Diesel Market Dashboard. Hybrids and diesels have competed for mind share as two of the best strategies for improving vehicle efficiency. The hard numbers, which give us a view into real-world market share for April […] […]

Is plugging in really the future of the US auto industry?

Megacity travel in 2020? Only if this is what we plug-in? I live in a historic area of Los Angeles littered with old Craftsman-style houses that often include tiny, irrelevant garages that work great for storage, but horribly for automobiles. Thus, it makes no sense for me to convert my hybrid into a plug-in hybrid because plugging […] […]


A total of 97 persons attended the annual meeting of shareholders in Wilmington, Delaware, on Thursday, May 13. Voting results indicate that a total of 2,749,518,893 shares of common stock and 70,800,727 shares of Class B Stock with a total aggregate of 4,964,094,864 votes were represented in person or by proxy […] […]

Electric Cars: Like Washing Machines or Cell Phones?

Deloitte Consulting said Thursday that pure electric cars will represent less than 5 percent of the car market in 2020. That’s only halfway to the 10 percent mark that Nissan expects. Deloitte’s Robert Hill said the adoption of electric cars will match the slow acceptance of 20th-century consumer breakthroughs like washing machines—not the fast embrace […] […]