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Johnson Controls CEO: Hybrid and EV Battery Market Is Immature

Skepticism from an insider who stands to gain from hybrid and EV boom. One of the world’s leading battery makers says the lithium ion batteries that will power tomorrow’s electric vehicles and hybrids are gradually improving, but that cost will continue to stunt the demand for the technology for some time. Steve Roell, CEO of Johnson […] […]

Buying a hybrid. Consumer protections needed?

The customer comes first here? Auto financing in need of over-sight? Does auto lending require more oversight in order to protect consumers? Several Senators, as well as the Department of Defense, believe the answer to that question is yes and they are trying to convince Congress that exempting auto dealers from oversight by a new consumer watchdog agency […] […]

Land Rover Is Not Confirming Small Hybrid SUV

Land Rover LRX Concept If you believe BBC’s Top Gear and a number of blogs, Land Rover has gone hybrid gaga. The reports say the company has confirmed the production a new Range Rover compact crossover two-wheel-drive hybrid SUV for 2012; that it’s developing a diesel-electric hybrid version of the Range Rover Sport for a […] […]

Toyota Prius – 1.74 million sold and counting

Still just a marketing gimmick? But, can there be only one Prius? In April Toyota sold 26,482 Prius hybrids in Japan, where the Prius has topped auto sales for the last 12 months and where waiting lists top 6 months. Worldwide, Toyota has now sold over 1.74 million Prius hybrids, a simply stunning number, as most other […] […]

Nissan’s diesel hybrids?

The Infiniti G hybrid All luxury hybrids? When Nissan offers the next Infiniti G, as early as 2012 according to MotorTrend, it will probably include a hybrid option, but what kind of hybrid the G will be is still a bit unclear. While one source inside Nissan believes the new Infiniti G will be offered as a gasoline […] […]

Hybrids key to Toyota’s future growth

Another Toyota hybrid Many more Toyota hybrids coming Despite significant recall problems and massive sale’s incentives, Toyota was able to achieve a quarterly profit of $1.2 billion in the first quarter of this year. However, analysts and company insiders acknowledge that Toyota’s road ahead will still be difficult, although the worst could be behind according to President […] […]