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For many Ford customers, a car or truck is much more than transportation — it’s a part of the family — and it deserves a special name. A recent Facebook query on Ford Motor Company’s fan page proved just how devoted — and creative — Ford owners really are when it comes to giving their […] […]

12th Annual Ford Freedom Award Program Celebrates Entrepreneurs Honors John H. Johnson, Usher Raymond IV

Two of the nation’s most influential and successful African American entrepreneurs — the late publishing executive John H. Johnson and recording artist Usher Raymond IV, popularly known as “Usher” — are being honored today at the 12th annual Ford Freedom Award program for their outstanding achievements and groundbreaking accomplishments. […]

Cheap gas just as plug-ins hit the market

Cupholders, not fuel economy As economy struggles, gas prices must decline Who killed the electric car? Perhaps that statement should have been ‘what killed the electric car’, and that same ‘what’ might strike again. Just as a number of plug-in vehicles make their way into the market, gas prices appear primed to crash according to many energy […] […]

LPG conversion kit for Tahoe hybrid available

Only $76,000 for a green SUV? A greener Tahoe hybrid? Geiger Cars is now offering a liquified petroleum gas (LPG) conversion kit for GM’s Chevy Tahoe hybrid. The new conversion kit costs $5,000, but offers Tahoe hybrid drivers the ability to cut in half the fueling costs of the 21 mpg SUV. Still, as InsideLine points out, total vehicle […] […]

Toyota’s Surprising Maneuver: A $50,000 Hydrogen Car by 2015

Toyota demonstrated its fuel cell technology, applied to the Highlander SUV, at the Toyota Sustainable Mobility Seminar last month in La Jolla, Calif. Bloomberg reported today that Toyota plans to offer a $50,000 hydrogen-powered vehicle by 2015. The company said it has cut the cost of making a hydrogen fuel cell car by 90 […] […]

Escape hybrid most fuel efficient SUV/crossover

32 mpg on average Let’s talk real world fuel economy I have to say that I’m really pleased that GM fired its old ad agency, while realigning its marketing department. “Ending an era renowned more for overpromising market success and then chronically under-delivering,” according to Daniel Howes of the DetroitNews, was simply overdue. Case in point, GM’s commercials regarding […] […]