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Chevy Volt on track for extremely limited late 2010 launch

Coming in November to a dealer near you? There is still much software to be written and much needed testing, but the first Chevy Volt hit the assembly line at GM’s Hamtramck plant Monday “to ferret out any areas that are difficult to assemble” according to GM’s Bob Lutz. Most important, the Volt program is on […] […]

Ford Pushes Its Electric-Drive Roadmap

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, which goes on sale this fall, will become the most fuel efficient luxury vehicle on the market. Yet, it’s the most modest step in Ford’s electric-drive plan. Ford CEO Alan Mulally opened the New York International Auto Show with a keynote outlining the company’s roadmap for greener cars and trucks. […] […]

Suzuki Kizashi hybrid on hold

Missing an engine Suzuki is still going to develop a Kizashi hybrid, but not until a new engine supplier can be found. Originally, GM was to be the supplier, but MotorTrend speculates that competition in certain markets pushed GM out of the partnership. Nonetheless, a deal between Suzuki and VW appears imminent. […]

US falling behind on battery technologies

Better positioned than ever, but…. Ford CEO Alan Mulally opened the NY Auto Show this morning with a warning that the US is falling behind in the race to develop new battery and powertrain solutions, and only policymakers can change course. “Governments around the world are going to have a tremendous role to play,” Mulally said. And with […] […]


Lincoln today introduces its first hybrid – the new 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid – a premium midsize car poised to be the most fuel-efficient luxury sedan in America. […]

Toyota on track to produce 1 million hybrids next year

1 of 10 upcoming new hybrids? Toyota is increasing its battery production as it increases its share in Panasonic EV Energy Co. from 60 percent to more than 80 percent. As a result Toyota will manufacture enough NiMH batteries next year to produce 1.1 million hybrids. Within the next few years Toyota is preparing to launch as […] […]

Nissan Leaf to cost less than $26,000 after tax credit

Can it really make money? The Nissan Leaf will cost $32,780 when it goes on sale at the end of the year. Thus, after the $7500 plug-in tax credit, the Leaf will sell for $25,280. While the Leaf will sell for $40,000 in Japan, Nissan is lowering the cost for the US market to increase volume, yet […] […]

All-Electric Nissan Leaf Will Sell for $32,780

Nissan today announced pricing for the Nissan Leaf electric car. The suggested retail price will be $32,780, while a monthly lease will cost $349 per month. A vast array of federal and state consumer incentives, including a $7,500 tax credit, will reduce the total purchase price. The 2011 Nissan Leaf electric vehicle […] […]