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Toyota’s powerful DC friends? Are you kidding me?

Objective DC power brokers in charge of important government committees? Don't add John Dingell to that list.Can you say John Dingell?

Boy the media’s coverage of Toyota-gate has become almost laughable at times. Lately, the new angle is Toyota’s political friends in Washington.

“Some members of Congress have been such cheerleaders for Toyota that the public may wonder how they can act objectively as government watchdogs for auto safety and oversight.”

LOL! Wow. John Dingell anyone?

Has Michigan Congressman John Dingell ever acted objectively when it has come to the Big 3, especially when Dingell was the fricken Chairmen of the HUGELY important House Energy and Commerce Committee? Is the media kidding? I mean talk about subjective cheerleaders!

Those of us that have followed CAFE for the last several years, for instance, can only chuckle at the idea that somehow Toyota has more political friends in Washington than does Detroit. For decades DC power-brokers, such as Dingell, have ensured that Big 3 SUV profits were safe from CAFE regulations, despite an average of 10,000 deaths per year because of defective and inadequate designs, despite 9/11, and despite growing evidence that foreign oil dependence was becoming an ever greater threat to American national security.

I know, Toyota-gate has also caused almost 10,000 deaths in the last year. OK, at least a couple of deaths.

Toyota deserves a lot of criticism these days, but if the media really wants to make America safer, isn’t it time to start focusing on some real issues?

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