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Where Are the High-MPG Small Hybrids?

It was once thought that the great promise of gas-electric hybrids was to offer new levels of fuel efficiency. In other words, adding even a modest battery pack and motor to a compact or subcompact car could boost the fuel efficiency of a small car from the mid-30-mpg range into the 40- or 50-mpg […] […]

Study: Dynamic plug-ins key to cost-effectiveness

Simply more expensive compared to conventional and hybrid cars, despite energy savings The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory is prepared to release a new study on ways of achieving plug-in hybrid and EV cost-effectiveness. Like most studies, the NREL study also finds that under essentially every scenario possible, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles simply are not […] […]

Good times ahead for Toyota buyers

Incentives and more incentives Mike Jackson, CEO of AutoNation, believes that Toyota was a little slow getting ahead of the current recall issues plaguing the automaker, and that was a mistake. Nonetheless, overall Jackson believes that in a few months Toyota should mostly regain its sale’s loss. However, regaining lost market share will require consumer incentives. So, […] […]