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How to Sell an Electric Car

Michael Thwaite is a petrol-head who became a volt-head after seeing “Who Killed the Electric Car?” He’s not sure he’ll ever go back. As time goes on, I’m surprised by the growing public awareness of the Roadster; when mine arrived last year, it got less attention than my old MINI. This year, I’m up to about […] […]

Toyota Issues 2010 Prius Recall

Official Toyota FAQs Toyota answers the most frequently asked questions about the Prius recall. After several days of speculation, Toyota today issued a recall of the 2010 model year Priuses as well as Lexus HS250h luxury hybrid. Only the 2010 model year vehicles are involved because previous generations had different brake system software. The total recall […] […]

And I’d still buy a Toyota Prius

Time to chillax? OK. Recall. Recall. Recall. Tired of hearing those words yet? I am, and I’m going to try to avoid them for the next few days. Besides, if I were going to write again on this issue, it would very much resemble MotorTrend’s Wild, Out of Control Toyotas? Baloney. So, why rewrite what has already […] […]

Coda Takes on Major Players for Affordable Pure Electric Car

California buyers will have the chance to purchase a Chinese-built highway-capable all-electric car by the end of this year. That was the promise made by Coda Automotive CEO Kevin Czinger to a group of about 60 automotive journalists last week. Speaking to a meeting of the Western Automotive Journalists, Czinger revised earlier pronouncements on […] […]