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Fisker Automotive to shut facility in Michigan

The electric car manufacturer will shift its engineering and sales center in Pontiac, Mich., to its Irvine headquarters. Electric car builder Fisker Automotive Inc. will close its Pontiac, Mich., engineering and sales center in March and move the operations to its Irvine headquarters, the company said Thursday. The move will result in the relocation of 20 to […] […]

Preparing For The Electric Car Future

How companies can win from the transition to electric vehicles. The year is 2020. On a typical day, you are driving your electric car home from work. On the way you decide to stop at the gym for a workout, figuring you’ll re-charge your car battery at the same time. Using your voice-enabled vehicle communications system, […] […]

Biased Blogging: What’s Up with That?

At Tesla we’re proud of our Roadster. “Fergus247″ put it best in his comment about our recent video, “Imagine if all car companies loved their products this much. Hell, imagine if everyone producing some kind of product? loves it like Tesla loves theirs.” It’s true. I look forward to driving one of our cars every […] […]

Billion dollar state budget losses: The cost of fuel efficiency

Coming soon to a bridge near you? In just 15 years Washington State could experience a $3.8 billion state budget shortfall because of a decline in gas tax revenues due to hybrid and electric vehicle adoption according to a new report. That means $3.8 billion less to pay for highway projects and to maintain infrastructure, and […] […]

Sorting Out Hybrid Brake Issue: Safety Issue or a Different Feel?

Coming at the heels of Toyota’s problems with sticking accelerator pedals, news of potential braking problems on the 2010 Toyota Prius and Lexus HS250h hybrid has raised legitimate concerns among hybrid owners. Yet, media coverage of Toyota’s safety issues may be blurring the lines between a potentially fatal problem with the accelerator pedals—resulting in […] […]

Prius unintended acceleration: Can Wozniak be wrong?

Next up, a cruise control glitch? Over the last few days I’ve come across a few references to some problems that Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder, has had with his latest Toyota Prius. This morning I finally read a story thanks to an e-mail from reader Steve. Wozniak claims he can easily repeat a situation in cruise control […] […]

CNN’s fair and balanced Prius, Fusion hybrid coverage?

Did Toyota act any differently than Ford? So, Toyota knew there might be a glitch in their braking software for the 2010 Prius, but didn’t offer a software update to consumers because they weren’t sure it was really necessary since the brakes don’t actually fail. Thus, CNNMoney ran the headline, Prius brakes: Toyota knew, didn’t tell […] […]

Fusion hybrid also needs a brake fix

Similar problem as the new Prius? Just like the new Toyota Prius, the Ford Fusion hybrid is in need of a software update to fix a glitch in its braking system. Much like the Prius, the Fusion hybrid can experience a lag, where it does not seem the brakes are working correctly. However, as long as […] […]