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Is the Honda CR-Z hybrid being underestimated?

The first 6-speed hybrid Long before hybrids, I drove a manual ’94 Nissan Sentra. As I hopped from apartment to apartment, and job to job, I experienced many diverse Los Angeles commutes. Traffic, however, was always a common factor. During those commutes I often hypermiled to work, pacing and spacing myself to minimize braking and to maximize […] […]

A few paces in the Insight hybrid

The Insight according to AutoWeek editors I’m not the biggest fan of AutoWeek when it comes to unbiased reviews of hybrid cars. Nonetheless, I still like to read their their take on hybrids. Today, AW has posted their ‘Driver’s Log’ on the Honda Insight hybrid. It’s a mix of good and bad. For anyone considering an Insight […] […]

Hyundai Sonata hybrid: Cheaper than Fusion and Camry hybrids?

Hyundai’s upcoming Hybrid Blue Drive Today, Hyundai released pricing on the 2011 Sonata. While the Sonata hybrid was not on the list, the conventional Sonata is priced lower than the competition, especially at the premium trim levels. Since most hybrids include many premium trim level components, Hyundai Sonata hybrid pricing might undercut both the Toyota Camry hybrid […] […]

How will the Toyota Prius sell in February?

Less interesting because it’s a Toyota? When it comes to hybrid cars, the far majority of all sales come from Toyota, particularly from the Prius. Without Toyota, hybrid vehicles probably wouldn’t even be on the average American auto consumer’s radar. Even though Toyota’s hybrid technology has nothing to do with Toyota’s recall scandal, they are still built […] […]

BMW Plug-in Hybrid Sports Car Coming in 2013

A senior BMW executive last week told that its 356-horsepower plug-in hybrid 2+2 concept sports car is headed for production in 2013. Only time will […] […]

Toyota Vehicles: Toyota Talks to Customers About the Sticking Pedal Issue

Transcript of the video “Toyota Talks to Customers About the Sticking Pedal Issue”. Visit @Toyota ACCESS to receive your news via e-mail. Update your RSS feed preferences. […]

Toyota Vehicles: Toyota Answers Customer Questions About The Solution For Sticking Accelerator Pedals

1. What is the solution Toyota announced to fix sticking accelerator pedals? Toyota’s engineers have developed and rigorously tested a solution that is both effective and simple. A precision-cut steel reinforcement bar will be installed into the accelerator pedal assembly, thereby eliminating the excess friction that has caused pedals to stick in […] […]

Toyota Vehicles: Toyota Announces Comprehensive Plan to Fix Accelerator Pedals on Recalled Vehicles and Ensure Customer Safety

Check here for news updates and FAQs for the sticking accelerator pedal recall and suspension of sales. Visit @Toyota ACCESS to receive your news via e-mail. Update your RSS feed preferences. […]