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2010: The big questions

The rubber finally hits the road 2010. Here we come. While 2010 isn’t going to be quite as significant for the hybrid market as I would have expected a few years ago, there are a few interesting stories developing: 1.) Will any hybrid, aside from the Prius, sell 50,000 units in one year?2.) Can the Honda CR-Z hybrid […] […]

Toyota: How to take on the CR-Z hybrid

Bring back the MR2, as a hybrid? Thanks to tax incentives, hybrid cars are hot in Japan. For the past several months, the 2010 Toyota Prius has been the best selling car in Japan, with the Honda Insight not far behind. And, new survey data shows there is great Japanese interest now in hybrid sports cars, particularly […] […]

Sunshine State Welcomes Tesla with Flash Floods and Tornado Warnings

Tesla Roadster feels right at home in Florida It was a dark and stormy night in South Florida on Thursday December 17th when Tesla opened the doors for a glimpse of its newest store. Despite a tornado warning and flash flooding that topped a foot of water, Roadster owners and enthusiasts, policymakers, and journalists welcomed Tesla […] […]

NHTSA Monitors Toyota Prius Brake Complaints

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recently received a few dozen complaints about the 2010 Toyota Prius’s braking performance. The […] […]

Honda Insight sales slump: There can be only one?

Forever just a niche, forever the king? Why doesn’t the Honda Insight hybrid sell nearly as well as the Toyota Prius, even though it costs less? What does a lack of Insight sales mean for the future of the hybrid market? Some have suggested that most hybrid buyers aren’t looking for bargains. Instead, they are seeking to send […] […]

Think City

Before falling into a financial crisis, Think was on its sixth generation of the Think City, a $28,000 two-seater car with a maximum speed of 65 miles per hour—and a driving range of 120 […] […]

Is the EPA just shy of useless?

But what about in the real world? When the EPA revised its methodology for determining fuel economy a few years ago, it was realized that the EPA was off by as much as 50 percent. While revisions made the EPA’s methodology a little more accurate, many driving conditions still make the EPA’s numbers mostly useless. Even worse, […] […]

Ferrari hybrids to the rescue

Does it make any sense? A Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano hybrid concept is said to be ready for a Geneva Auto Show appearance. Offering an impressive 35 percent improvement in fuel economy, the Fiorano hybrid almost seems to make sense. Still, overall fuel economy would be less than 14 miles per gallon, and far worse in pure […] […]