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Ask any fashionista, and she’ll tell you: Don’t even think about wearing those chandelier earrings with shorts and tennis shoes. No way. There are, after all, certain rules that apply to fashion and accessories. Ask Earl Lucas, exterior design manager for the 2010 Taurus, and he’ll tell you those same accessorizing rules apply even if […] […]

Sound Off: Luxury hybrid vehicles

Holy chick magnet? Check out the BMW M1 hybrid. Not only are you rich, but green. I mean George Clooney probably already has a down payment on one. Likewise, those private jet flights down to the latest and greatest Caribbean hot spots don’t have to feel so guilty for the jet-setting crowd if they pick up one of […] […]

A glimpse of the future of city transportation?

The all electric EV-N Want a small, cheap plug-in vehicle for your daily commuting? I’m guessing that’s the vision behind the Honda EV-N concept. If this is the future of the automobile, that future probably won’t be built in America, I’m guessing. By the time we get it, it’ll be too late. Is America’s auto culture, though proud and […] […]

Subaru Tourer hybrid exciting, but…

Too fancy for reality? A pair of electric motors and a lithium-ion battery coupled with symmetrical AWD and a direct-injected 2.0L horizontally-opposed, turbocharged boxer engine, what’s not to like about the new Subaru Tourer hybrid concept? It seems like a perfect pairing if you ask me, but what’s going on with the packaging here? Why not a […] […]

Honda CR-Z Hybrid

Shifting to smaller and lighter-weight vehicles is about the quickest and easiest way to reduce the environmental impact of our cars. But compact cars have never been big sellers in the United States. Could Americans be seduced to downsize their vehicles with an attractive and sporty compact hybrid? First unveiled two years ago at the […] […]

Production-ready CR-Z hybrid

Time for a sporty hybrid? As the Toyota Auto Show draws near, Honda has dropped some new details on its almost production-ready 2010 CR-Z hybrid. Honda’s sporty new hybrid will be powered by a 1.5-liter i-VTEC + IMA hybrid powertrain, coupled with a 6-speed manual shifter that should provide a lot more power and response than any […] […]

Recall: Toyota Floor Mats Could Be Dangerous

Toyota said on Tuesday it will recall some 3.8 million vehicles, including the Toyota Prius, because of the risk a floormat could keep the accelerator pedal forced down. As an immediate remedy, the Japanese automaker urged drivers of a range of recent models to remove driver’s-side floor mats until it could issue a […] […]

Hybrid technology coming to all Honda vehicles

Still a best seller in Japan Thanks to strong sales of the Honda Insight and other fuel efficient vehicles, such as the Fit, Honda has been able to stay in the black while other automakers have suffered during this economic crisis. Nonetheless, Honda envisions huge changes in the automotive landscape. “Even without the economic shock, cars have […] […]