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Would GM gain anything from a rebadged Prius?

GM’s next green dream machine? OK. GM has crushed the idea of using Toyota’s hybrid technology numerous times. Nonetheless, there is another rumor out today that Toyota and GM are discussing the possibility of re-utilizing their joint NUMMI venture to rebadge Toyota Prius hybrids for GM. Regardless of the fact that I’m 99.9 percent certain such a […] […]

2015 is New Magic Date for Fuel Cell Vehicles

Carmakers claim that large-scale production of fuel cell vehicles is more than a mirage. Photo via ideowl. Wishing upon a star or throwing […] […]

Consumer Reports slams Honda Insight

The most disappointing Honda in years I have not yet seen the August issue of Consumer Reports, but according to CNN, CR will not recommend the Honda Insight, noting its poor “ride quality, handling, interior noise, acceleration, and rear-seat access.” In fact, out of 22 hatchbacks and small wagons, the Insight placed second to last. Honda countered by […] […]

Toyota halts diesel plans. Banking on gas hybrids

Diesel only for Europeans? Despite an uptick in recent US diesel vehicle sales, probably thanks to a significant drop in diesel fuel prices, Honda, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Nissan and Toyota have “halted diesel programs because of spiraling costs and other problems,” according to AutoWeek. Toyota followed up this news with the comment that they are “banking […] […]

US Accountability Office: Plug-in Car Economics Are Uncertain

When former President Bush signed Executive Order 13423 in January 2007, he required federal fleet managers to buy plug-in vehicles as soon as possible.  The exact language of the directive was as soon as plug-in cars “become commercially available and can be purchased at a cost reasonably comparable to conventional vehicles based on life-cycle […] […]

Where’s the people’s cut?

Bankruptcies, loans, grants, etc – Where’s my cut? Just finished a story about a Dow Chemical venture into a pilot-scale algae-based integrated biorefinery. Interesting piece. Algae still has hurdles, but the upside is HUGE. Yet, Dow is seeking a Department of Energy grant to “demonstrate the technology at a level to sufficiently prove that it can be […] […]

$4.00 gas: America’s only hope for change?

Otherwise guzzlers will still be America’s top sellers If gas prices hit .00 today, what would happen? According to a survey by, 40 percent of car shoppers would immediately buy a more fuel efficient vehicle today. Another 41 percent would buy a more fuel efficient vehicle when they were ready to buy another auto. However, if gas […] […]

First Drive/Mileage Loop: 2009 Nissan Cube

The Nissan Cube, the original little mass-market boxy car, has been running around Japan for 10 years. While it has stubbornly stayed put on its home soil, […] […]