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SUMMARY:. · The Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation is honoring the inventors of the Ford-patented Plasma Transferred Wire Arc (PTWA) technology used to apply coatings on engine cylinder bores with the 2009 National Inventor of the Year Award · […] […]

Mileage Loop: Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford says the Fusion Hybrid “gets the best fuel efficiency of any mid-size sedan on the road.” Nice claim, but in fact, the Toyota Prius is officially a mid-size sedan. The interior measurements pretty much stack up the same:   2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid 2010 […] […]

Carbon schmarbon: It’s foreign oil dependency, stupid

Does global warming resonate with America? Today, most Americans – most of Main Street – believe that hybrid cars are “strategically” important to the United States. Yet, most of these Americans have real doubts about global warming. So, how do most Americans reconcile this bit of irony? Foreign oil dependency. According to recent data, most Americans believe […] […]

20 percent hybrid by 2020?

Ford better get ready to increase its hybrid production In just a few years, shoppers of Honda hybrid cars will face a tough decision. Should they buy the cheapest and smallest Honda hybrid, the Fit or the larger Honda Insight? Or, for those not interested in hatchbacks and desiring a little more passenger space, the Civic hybrid […] […]

Confronting Slow Rate of Auto Technology Change

There’s little doubt that a new era of advanced technology fuel-efficient cars has begun. Automakers are responding to the combined forces of fluctuating energy markets and increased climate regulations by introducing hybrid gas-electric cars and other efficient technologies—and planning to roll out plug-in models in the coming years. But industry analysts are […] […]

2015: Can Chrysler and GM be profitable in the US?

Or will they fall further behind? By 2015 it seems quite obvious that Toyota and Honda will be pumping out more than a million small hybrid cars per year. Will GM or Chrysler offer any small hybrids? Certainly, GM will offer the Chevy Volt, but it won’t be either price competitive with these small Japanese hybrids, nor will […] […]

Hybridize or kill trucks and SUVs

A hybrid pickup truck from GM Can plug-in technology turn trucks and SUVs into fuel saving monsters? I guess that depends on your definition of good fuel economy. Google’s REChargeIT program converted a number of Toyota Prius and Ford Escape hybrids into plug-in hybrids. The Prius averaged about 93 mpg, but on city trips it averaged as […] […]

The $15,000 Honda Fit hybrid due next year?

The rumors continue to swirl A while back Honda announced that it would convert its Fit into a hybrid version, but Honda has never been very clear about when exactly such a vehicle would be offered. Rumors have indicated it could go on sale as early as late 2009 or as late as 2015. The latest rumors, […] […]