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Volt Shock: How do we fight foreign oil dependency in the short term?

How many more oil wars before we’re free? According to Barack Obama’s auto task force, GM’s Chevy Volt will be too expensive to help GM’s viability any time soon. Obviously, if GM is struggling to survive, it can’t afford to make too many Volts if it can’t make any money off of them. So, how is the […] […]

Hyundai Sonata hybrid due October 2010

Can lithium power the Sonata past other hybrids? Hyundai has confirmed that it plans to begin selling the Hyundai Sonata hybrid in October of next year. More interesting, the Sonata hybrid will utilize Hyundai’s Blue Drive – a lithium polymer powered hybrid drive. In related news, the Hyundai Blue Will plug-in hybrid concept has not yet been […] […]

Not all hybrids are created equal

  If you drive a hybrid vehicle, or are thinking about buying one, how much of your driving is, or will be, in clean electric mode?   The answer will depend, to a significant degree, on your driving speed. In most hybrid vehicles, the gasoline engine kicks in to power the vehicle at about 35 miles per hour. […] […]

Tesla Motors CEO: Model S is cheaper than it looks

After wowing the auto press with the sleek design of Tesla Motors’ all-electric Model S, company CEO Elon Musk is now making an economic argument to consumers–and, perhaps, the U.S. government–for buying the luxury sedan. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk (Credit: Corinne Schulze/CNET) After months of anticipation, Tesla … […]

Photos: Tesla S electric sedan unveiled in LA

Tesla shows off two prototypes of its new electric sedan. (Credit: Laura Burstein/CNET) Now that its electric roadster is in production, Tesla showed off prototypes of its upcoming electric sedan. The sleek-looking car, which launches in late 2011, should come in at around ,000, making it half the … Originally posted at The Car Tech blog […]

Zenn plans to be the ‘Intel Inside’ of electric cars

Zenn Motor is expanding its lineup to include a highway-legal electric car and an all-electric drivetrain for other automakers, the company announced Thursday. Zenn (for “zero emission no noise”) has been working on these particular products for some time. The ZENN '08 model in blue shadow. (Credit: Zenn Motor) … Originally posted at Planetary Gear […]

Does D.C. get energy independence? Pickens is of two minds

PALO ALTO, Calif.–T. Boone Pickens offered qualified support Thursday for the Obama administration’s plans to reduce the nation’s reliance on imported energy but said Washington’s track record doesn’t fill him with a lot of confidence about the will of the political class to get the … Originally posted at Coop’s Corner […]

Kevin Rose leaks Tesla Model S pics via Twitter

View more leaked photos of the Tesla Model S on Flickr. (Credit: Tesla Motors) co-founder Kevin Rose has a bit of a penchant for being uncannily accurate with his Apple predictions. Is it possible that he now has some sort of inside information on Tesla Motors’ upcoming Model S … Originally posted at The Car Tech blog […]