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New study says Toyota Prius repairs are more expensive than non-hybrid competitors

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Hybrid technology has taken the automotive world by storm over the past few years. It’s a big buzz word for car buyers, too, but some are concerned that the expensive battery packs will lead to high repair costs. As it turns out, hybrids really do cost more to repair than non-hybrids, but not necessarily because of the battery packs. Insurance claim company Audatex found that the Prius costs 8.4% more to repair than its non-hybrid competition, but the main reason for the disparity has a lot more to do with the lack of availability of aftermarket and junk yard parts.

Prius models from 2001-2006 had the largest repair price gap, mostly because Toyota sold its iconic green machine in fewer numbers back then. Newer, higher volume Prius models have cut the disparity considerably, but there is still a gap. Other hybrids cost more to fix as well. Hybrid models of the Civic and Camry cost 3.8% more to repair than their battery-free siblings. This news probably isn’t going to effect any eco-minded buyers’ decisions to purchase a hybrid. But people who buy hybrids because they want to save money on fuel have to factor in higher sticker prices, increased repair costs, and a battery pack that may one day need to be replaced.

[Source: All About Prius]

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