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Is America really ready for plug-ins?

Is it as simple as just building the cars? “Plug-in vehicles are a revolution for the consumer and will transform the way we move from place to place, and the way we think about using energy. But each community is unique—they have different commuting patterns, parking concerns, demographics, local businesses, and cultures.” Thus, the Rocky Mountain Institute […] […]

Kudos to Obama for now

This is not the future UAW boss Ron Gettelfinger is telling members to ratify a new round of concessions with Ford. Otherwise, according to Gettelfinger, Ford will not survive. Holy cow. During the first round of Congressional testimony on this issue, the UAW seemed pretty resistant to any further concessions. I guess the UAW has finally seen […] […]

Too much Cayenne in this hybrid

Too little too late The other day Porsche released its fuel economy numbers for the Cayenne hybrid. I wasn’t going to bring them up. Since, however, I have a bit of an attitude today, I’ve changed my mind. 26. That’s the magic number. Unfortunately, it isn’t a very good trick, even for a Porsche. The Porsche hybrid will […] […]

Toyota’s “Revolution” Manager Mixes Cars, Nature and Fantasy

“We wanted this car to be in harmony with the environment and human beings. This is about the Way of the Car, much like a tea ceremony or flower arrangement.” Tetsuya Kaida Manager of Toyota’s “Business Revolution Corporate Value Project Toyota’s Tetsuya Kaida has a dream job—literally. As the creator and manager of the company’s “Business […] […]

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

On the automotive spectrum, Porsche and Prius are poles apart. For decades, one was the definitive German high-performance sports car brand, renowned for its extreme engineering and screaming flat-six engines. The other is barely a decade old, the very image of the modern high-mileage hybrid. Now the spectrum has warped, and the poles are coming closer. […] […]

Dodge Ram Hybrid

Jim Press, Chrysler vice chairman and president, places a “hybrid” sign on the Dodge Ram at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show—as a cavalcade of cowboys, cattle and pickups prepares to enter the exhibition hall. Chrysler promised […] […]

Ford Sneaks Up On Electric Car Future

While all eyes are on high-profile plug-in announcements from General Motors, Nissan, Toyota and others, Ford appears to be quietly inching into a leading position in the race to get electric vehicles on the market. Ford Transit Connect, a […] […]

Fuel-Efficient Saturn Vehicles

[HCTITLE] [HCDATE] The Saturn Vue was scheduled to become the only vehicle on the market with three different flavors of hybrid—mild hybrid, full hybrid, and plug-in hybrid. Unfortunately, the entire Saturn brand—hybrid and conventional—is apparently falling victim to GM’s financial woes. read more […]