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Senate seeks to double eligibility for plug-in tax credits

Does this stimulate today’s economy? There is a proposal in the Senate to increase the amount of vehicles that can qualify for the plug-in tax credit from 250,000 to 500,000 vehicles. For vehicles that have a battery pack of at least 4 kWh’s in size, a tax credit of 00 to 00 will be available for […] […]

Imported battery and engine to power Volt

A few Volt lithium battery packs When the Chevy Volt hits the streets next year it will be powered by both imported batteries and and an imported engine according to the UAW. GM does plan to eventually produce both the batteries and the engines in the US but, according to the latest reports, there are no concrete […] […]

A few less amps in the Volt?

It’ll be a winner, but when? I’m a big fan of the Chevy Volt. I think it’s one of GM’s most interesting projects in decades. Unfortunately, that isn’t necessarily saying much. Yet, while the Volt has great potential, I still cannot help but ask when will the Volt be a real game changer, because it certainly […] […]

Can Obama survive cheap oil?

God bless oil There are times when I think the whole green movement is going to accomplish nothing, but lots of lost cash. Why? Not long ago Brazil announced a major oil find. Such finds, and a number of other factors, have some energy analysts predicting a possible, although short term, glut in the oil market within […] […]

BMW preparing new Z10 ED green supercar for production?

Filed under: Hybrids/Alternative, Green, Tech, Supercars, BMW, Rendered Speculation The only thing better than a major automaker rolling out a supercar concept is when they actually put it into production. Usually, if the green light is given, it happens after the show car’s public debut. In this case, however, early word from Autocar indicates that things […] […]

2010 Ford Fusion hybrid earns full $3,400 federal tax credit

Filed under: Hybrids/Alternative, Sedans/Saloons, Green, Ford Click above for high-res image gallery of the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid In the market for a fuel-sipping mid-size sedan? Now, and for a limited time only, buyers of the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid will be eligible for the ,400 federal tax credit for hybrid vehicles. Late last year, Ford hit […] […]

Rendered Speculation: Next Mercedes SLK to spawn gullwing hybrid variant?

Filed under: Convertibles, Hybrids/Alternative, Sports/GTs, Green, Mercedes-Benz, Rendered Speculation The Mercedes-Benz SL range is growing. For years just a solitary model, the mainstay roadster has since spawned the smaller SLK, the fixed-roof Black Series and the McLaren SLR (in its many iterations). Slated to be replaced by the SLC supercar and supplemented by a new baby […] […]

Ford CEO favors gas tax

Or at least some kind of consumer responsibility CNBC’s Phil Lebeau interviewed Ford CEO Alan Mulally just a few minutes ago, and one of the topics was a gas tax. Mulally told Lebeau that a gas tax or some kind of consumer participation in energy policy was needed if there is going to be a move […] […]