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Detroit to DC caravan cancelled

Filed under: Hybrids/Alternative, Government/Legal, Green, Chrysler, LLC., Ford, GM Remember the growing movement to caravan a few hundred of Detroit’s most fuel efficient vehicles to the automaker’s next meeting with Congress? Not happening. Interestingly, it wasn’t for lack of support. In fact, it was just the opposite. So many people had voiced their support and announced […] […]

Another dual mode dud?

The Saturn Vue hybrid at the LA Auto Show Several years ago, as the Toyota Prius was making hybrid cars synonymous with green in America, GM and Chrsyler decided to act. Instead of challenging the Prius, however, these two US automakers decided to convert GM’s hybrid technology developed for buses into a hybrid powertrain that would […] […]

Forget plug-in tax credits

Killing American fuel economy Ethanol fans can’t talk enough about how ethanol has helped America. Yet, when Congress struck a deal in 1988 to promote ethanol, they devised a tax credit scheme enabling 16 mpg gas guzzlers to have a fuel economy rating of 24 mpg. Thus, through the ’90s, US automakers couldn’t roll out enough […] […]

3rd Gen Prius will NEVER use lithium?

NiMH-only until fourth gen Prius? Due to costs and reliability concerns, Toyota has decided that the third generation Prius will never use lithium-ion batteries during its lifetime. Instead, the third generation of the Hybrid Synergy Drive will continue to use NiMH batteries – at least for the Prius – until at least the fourth generation Prius […] […]

Bailout: What would sell you?

Build more hybrids? If there is one thing that has annoyed me with the US auto industry more than anything the last 5 years, it’s been the lack of hybrid cars, especially a Prius-fighter. Even GM’s Chevy Volt really isn’t a Prius-fighter. For many more years, there is going to be a need for both conventional […] […]

Think EV causes some EV economic thinking

Tiny electric car has big price Think is starting to sell the The City electric car in Norway. With a 112 miles per charge and a top speed of 62.5 miles per hour, the Think doesn’t pack a ton of WOW power. Still, it’s an environment-saving, oil-crushing electric vehicle. Nonetheless, the economics of Think’s City cause some […] […]

Fisker Karma plug-in: Tax incentive worthy?

The ,000 plug-in The Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid is a hot looking vehicle with an even hotter price tag. At ,000, the Karma is priced well above what the average consumer can afford, although a ,000 version is forthcoming. Nonetheless, it will offer the average driver at least 100 mpg according to the company. In fact, […] […]

Forget plug-ins without a gas tax?

Insight: More realistic than plug-ins? When it comes to buying a car, sticker price is the most important issue for most consumers. Unfortunately, hybrid cars and plug-in vehicles cost more, which makes it harder for manufacturers to turn a profit on such vehicles. Thus, while GM has hung its green PR hat on the Chevy Volt plug-in […] […]