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Paris 2008: Venturi Volage revealed!

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As previously promised the wraps have come off the Venturi Volage at the Paris Motor Show. While Michelin may have been a collaborator on the revealed electric GT, one glance leaves no doubt it belongs to the Venturi family. It not only shares the carbon fiber body of its sibling, the Fétish, but it will also be lovingly hand-assembled in limited quantities at the same Monaco atelier. Styled by Sacha Lakic, the smooth-bottomed Volage is said to be “designed by subtraction” with its carbon fiber skin fitting tightly around its innovative technology.

And speaking of technology, each wheel on this car holds 2 electric motors! That’s right, the “Michelin Active Wheel” system uses one motor for to drive a reduction gear that is also inside the wheel while the other handles the active suspension. All controlled by “spearhead electronics,” the Volage can readily adapt to different road surfaces and driving style. Batteries for this electric car are 45 kWh worth of liquid-cooled polymer lithium and are said to provide for 320 Km (199 miles) of driving pleasure at a “stabilized” 90 Kph (56 Mph). The car is capable of getting you to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds and tops out at 150 Km (93 Mph). The car will begin its limited production run in 2012 and the price goes unmentioned. If you have to ask…

Check out the gallery below for a shot of the inside of those cool wheels and hit the jump for the full press release.

Gallery: Venturi Volage

[Source: Venturi]

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