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It’s a Car. It’s a Plane. It’s a Hybrid

The guy who brought us the SkyCar is back with a gas-electric flying Ferrari. […]

Wesley Clark: Solar power needs to live in big tent

SAN DIGEO–Former U.S. general and presidential candidate Wesley Clark said that solar energy is part of a larger “tent” of different energy sources that should wean the United States from imported oil. Clark gave a keynote address at the Solar Power International conference here Tuesday, where he focused on … […]

Solar Power: GE buys in, thin film cells, solar map

SAN DIEGO–The Solar Power International conference kicked off in a buoyant mood. Despite concerns about the economy overall, the primary subsidy for the solar industry–a renewable energy federal tax credit–was extended for eight years, which solar industry experts say ensure the continued pace of fast growth. Announcements from solar vendors … […]

Schwarzenegger: Full steam ahead on green tech

SAN DIEGO–Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered a surprise speech at the Solar Power International conference here Monday night, saying that a sustained commitment to clean technologies can aid the country’s economic recovery. After touring the conference floor, Schwarzenegger spoke to solar industry professionals at what organizers are calling a “… […]

Businesses bank on solar power

SAN DIEGO–With so many large organizations putting solar panels on their roofs, you would think that it’s because solar power is cheaper than the grid. But a closer look shows that it’s not that simple. The California Center for Sustainable Energy organized a corporate solar tour on Monday, … […]