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GM-Chrysler Merger and Hybrid Cars

On Friday, media organizations started running stories about a possible merger of General Motors and Chrysler. We wondered what such a merger would mean for the future of domestic hybrid and plug-in cars—so we asked a panel of auto industry analysts. Here’s what they had to say. How much can Detroit’s financial woes be […] […]

GM’s Green Gambit, Decoded

The Playmaker’s Standard, a Washington, DC-based communications firm, released an analysis on Friday of General Motors’ chess-like strategy for trying to gain a footing in the hybrid car market. The Playmaker’s Standard used its “classification framework of 25 irreducibly unique stratagems or plays” to map GM’s high-stakes tit-for-tat match against critics, including skeptical environmental […] […]

Green news harvest: ‘Black silicon’ solar cells

SiOnyx Brings “Black Silicon” into the Light; Material Could Upend Solar, Imaging Industries – XconomyNew company formed from Harvard-discovered method for making silicon more receptive to light, potentially making solar cells far more productive. Bloom Energy Licenses Modine’s Fuel-Cell Tech – Earth2TechBloom Energy, backed by Kleiner Perkins … […]

Wave and tidal power looks for its footing

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–The fledgling ocean energy industry is awash in ideas for making electricity from moving water but it is still reaching for a toehold in the commercial world. Greentech Media last week released a summary of an ocean energy report that forecasts great potential for wave and tidal energy. … […]

MIT: Dirty coal to blame for China pollution

In a rare independent study of China’s energy sector, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found that the problem with China’s coal power generation is not that its power plants lack cleaner technology. The emissions are definitely higher than they … Originally posted at Sinobyte: China and technology […]

AutoblogGreen for 10.13.08

Filed under: Hybrids/Alternative, Green click to visit AutoblogGreen While there are some very early rumors of an 80-mile battery being worked on for a future-generation Volt model, it’s still an open question if the domestic automakers can survive long enough to make to a second- or third-gen PHEV. In more fun news, Ruf builds an electrically powered […] […]