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Smart EV Moves to Next Generation

The newest version of the electric Smart, set for demonstration projects in the US and Germany, will use lithium ion batteries that should give the car close to a 100 miles of range. read more […]

September 2008 Dashboard: Recession Catches Up with Hybrids

In September, auto sales continued their grim downward trend. Overall, the car market shrank by 27% relative to last year. read more […]

Volkswagen Considers Subcompact for US

After more than three years of rumors and heresy, Volkswagen has finally acknowledged that it is considering to bring a subcompact car to the US market in order to compete with the likes of the Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, and a handful of other efficient foreign and domestic micro-offerings. read more […]

Crude Hits Ten-Month Low; Gas to Follow

As investors grappled with the the potential ramifications of a looming global economic downturn today, oil prices fell to levels not seen since late 2007. The dive was precipitated by a growing sense that in the coming months, businesses and individuals around the world will be drastically cutting their oil use, and that a spike […] […]

Volvo’s Hybrid Car Campaign

Volvo loyalists have been wondering for some time now about the Swedish carmaker’s near-term plans for producing an environmentally-conscious offering within its line-up. The Ford subsidiary has shown several such concept vehicles at various international auto shows, but there have been no formal announcements about taking any green ideas to market. Until recently, […] […]

Hyundai Plans to Sell 500,000 Hybrids Annually

Hyundai has not yet put a hybrid car on the market—and yet the company is throwing around some big numbers for its hybrid program. Let’s start with 38 miles to the gallon. According to Hyundai, that’s the mileage expected from the hybrid version of the Santa Fe small SUV on display this week at […] […]

Urban wind power inspired by ancient Persia

A new wind-power machine has been inspired by a centuries-old idea: Persian “wind catchers.” Windation Energy Systems, a Menlo Park, Calif.-based start-up, has developed a wind appliance that looks more or less like the modern heating and cooling equipment you see on flat corporate building rooftops. Windation’s appliance … […]

Green news harvest: Ill winds for carbon trading

A sampling of green-tech news with quick commentary. U.N.: Financial chills are ill wind for climate–Associated PressThe Kyoto Protocol is structured around investing in projects that clean up pollution, often in developing countries. Without active financing, that could slow dramatically, says a U.N. negotiator. What to expect from cleantech in the downturn–VentureBeat … […]