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Ener1 takes full control of EnerDel

Filed under: Emerging Technologies, EV/Plug-in There are changes in EnerDel/Ener1 land. Yesterday, Ener1 said it would be moving its headquarters to New York City. Today, in a more important announcement, Ener1 said that it has taken complete control of EnerDel, Ener1’s li-ion battery subsidiary, by buying some equity interest away from former joint venture partner Delphi. […] […]

Vectrix sales get their scoot on, more affordable model coming next year

Filed under: EV/Plug-in, On Two Wheels, European Union, USA, Vectrix It seems the sales of the Vectrix electric maxi-scooter have finally caught on fire. At the beginning of the year we were somewhat saddened to report that they had only sold a disappointing 123 of their innovative machines. Since then, the price has been chopped from […] […]

Nine new EV charging stations – Elektrobays – opening in London tomorrow

Filed under: EV/Plug-in, UK People who insist that cruising the streets of London should be done in an electric vehicle like the G-Wiz (pictured) can’t really complain that the city isn’t supporting them them with ways to power their rides (see also here and here). The latest addition to the EV charging infrastructure in London will […] […]

SEMA ’08 Preview: RONN Scorpion hydrogen-injected supercar to debut in Vegas

Filed under: SEMA, Hybrids/Alternative, Green, Supercars Click above for high-res gallery of the Scorpion We’ve already alerted you to the existence of Ronn Motor Company’s new supercar, the Scorpion. Aside from its exotic looks, the Scorpion makes headlines for its innovative engine: a mid-mounted twin-turbo 3.5L VTEC V6 from Acura that’s augmented by a hydrogen fuel injection […] […]

AutoblogGreen for 08.14.08

Filed under: Hybrids/Alternative, Green click to visit AutoblogGreen Different people need different vehicles. If you’ve got to tow a lot of stuff, but don’t like to waste gas, you might be interested in the 2009 Chevy Silverado Hybrid or Silverado XFE. If you’re two years old and are already a Suzuki kid, try out the Kiddiemoto […] […]

Honda’s Prius-killing hybrid gets a date: April 2009

Filed under: Hybrids/Alternative, Sedans/Saloons, Green, Paris Motor Show, Honda Click above for high-res gallery of Honda Hybrid spy shots Hybrids are hot and Honda is anxious to get in on the action that Toyota’s been unable to fully quench with its Prius hybrid sedan. We expect to see the production version of Honda’s new hybrid, which will […] […]

Unofficial Volt Wait List surpasses 30,000 hand raisers

Filed under: Hybrids/Alternative, Sedans/Saloons, Etc., Green, Chevrolet, GM, Lifestyle Shortly after the Volt Concept was shown, a Volt adherent started a website called to show General Motors that it was on to something. After the Volt was approved for production, the site added a feature to allow people to “raise their hands” to show interest […] […]

AutoblogGreen for 08.13.08

Filed under: Hybrids/Alternative, Green click to visit AutoblogGreen Mainstream hip-hop videos are often dominated by excessive luxury, especially when it comes to the four-wheeled monsters in the background. Not every rapper is swayed by the lure of a big ride full of chrome, though, as Redman shows by using a smart fortwo in a short music […] […]