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$1.10 a gallon with Wood Chips

ZeaChem of Menlo Park, CA has learned to turn wood chips into ethanol for, get this, $1.10 a gallon or less. You’ll have to wait to 2010 until it’s available. How much wood chips will it take to say, run all of the cars in LA? Not sure about that, but still an interesting way […] […]

Tesla Roadster Showroom in CA

Huddler has some photos from a new Tesla Roadster showroom in Silicon Valley, CA. According to the website they have a very nice showroom with modern furniture and surroundings. The following is their video of the visit. […]

GM Partnering with Utilities and Electric Power Research Institute

Although a nation-wide plan will need to be in place as electric cars become more popular, General Motors is teaming up with 30 utilities in 37 states and with the Electric Power Research Institute hoping to have a charging infrastructure in place by 2010, when the Chevy Volt is supposed to be released on the […] […]

How Goes the Chevy Volt

So John McCain was awash in the glow of the Chevy Volt last week, and he had nothing but good to say about the car. Even if the Volt is at least 18 months away from public release, and no one know how it will actually do once it is out there.  Obama and McCain […] […]

The G-Spot Girls

pleiades-enterprises a California company that promotes NuAge Energy and new technology. The folding mini eBike (pictured) is powered by a 24-Volt li-ion solid polymer battery. […]

17 Electric Cars from Huffington Post

The Huffington Post, via TreeHugger, has a great article entitled 17 Electric Cars You Must Know About. Including the Tesla Roadster, Zenn Electric Car, and Clooney’s Tango Electric Car. Technorati Tags: green, alternative energy […]

BG Automotive Group

I ran across electric car maker BG Automotive Group on a forum this morning. They are going to be offering an affordable EV ($15,995), which will be assembled in the USA. It is a 4 door hatchback loaded with air conditioning, sunroof, AM/FM/CD,dual airbags, etc. I’ll keep you up to date on developments, such […] […]

Gas Saving Schemes has a funny article on supposed gas saving products that are just a scam. Funny stuff, especially the Bio Petro Improver, that is explained by a guy with some ill fitting shorts. […]